Compliance Professionals Adapting to Change

What are some of the top compliance challenges we will see in 2024, and how can compliance professionals adapt in order to face those challenges head-on?

Compliance expert Tom Fox recently sat down with several compliance professionals and thought leaders, including: Nicholas Latham, Client Partner at Diligent; Renee Murphy, Distinguished Evangelist at Diligent; Jessica Czeczuga, Principal Instructional Designer at Diligent; Yee Chow, Director, Solutions Engineer at Diligent; and Alexander Cotoia, Regulatory Compliance Manager at The Volkov Law Group, to explore today’s most pressing compliance issues.

Discover key highlights from their conversations, including:

  • How to implement frameworks for effective risk management in organizations
  • Risks and consequences of board-level conflicts
  • The role of board oversight in compliance training and communications
  • Shifting responsibilities of ESG at the management level
  • The importance of continuous growth and development for compliance professionals
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