Leadership, decision-making & the role of technology: Business Survey 2024

Are your business leaders ready for data-driven AI-powered decision-making, or are they overwhelmed by vast amounts of information that’s incomplete, inaccurate, and unmanageable?

AI offers huge potential to leverage data in support of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) decision-making, but only when systems can deliver the right data and when decision-makers have the skills to interpret the outcomes.

Diligent and Board Agenda have joined forces to publish primary research revealing the role AI and real-time analytics can play in enabling executive GRC decision-makers. We explore the impact data and business intelligence have in board and leadership decision-making now, and expectations for the future.

The findings reveal:

  • How board and leadership access to data and business intelligence has changed in the last five years.
  • The extent to which data analytics, visualisation, and AI are already in use and whether leaders are overwhelmed by the volume of data they receive.
  • The effect investment in data and business intelligence technology is having on decision-making processes.
  • Confidence levels in director and executive data literacy.

With 70% of organizations planning heavy investment in new technology over the next five years, the report’s in-depth analysis explores what the findings mean for businesses seeking to unlock the potential of AI-powered data analytics to reduce risk and increase the quality of decision-making in a complex GRC landscape.

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