The Leading With Purpose Workbook

“Leading with purpose” is a phrase with powerful connotations. As a leader, when you step back and get a bigger picture — that is, when you have a clear idea of how you want to make an impact — the answers come as quickly as the challenges, for you and for your organization.

“Leading with purpose is where you are intentionally making decisions that are going to have a positive impact on your organization, organizational culture and on the community.” – Kimberly Richardson, Assistant City Manager, City of Peoria, Illinois

The Leading With Purpose workbook helps public leaders implement purpose-driven leadership in their organizations and prepare for the transformation that results. In this workbook, you’ll find:

  • How to reconnect with your “Why“
  • Steps to drafting a personal mission statement
  • A personal SWOT analysis to identify your skills and obstacles in achieving your goals
  • A roadmap to implementing changes in your organization
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