Thriving in an Era of ESG Disclosures and Reporting

Thanks to new regulations, shifting consumer priorities and politically-charged discussions around “woke” capitalism, ESG remains a key interest for the media, public, and of course, a company’s stakeholders.

But as it moves further into the spotlight, the risks of getting ESG wrong become more real — from steep regulatory fines to long-lasting brand and reputational damage. That’s why finetuning your ESG strategy now is so important.

“For the next couple of years, even the organizations that say they want to do the minimum are going to experience death by a thousand cuts as they try to comply with each new regulation as it comes out,” says David Metcalfe, CEO at Verdantix.

In this executive brief, we explore the importance of a comprehensive ESG strategy and how it should tie into your organization’s broader audit, risk and compliance activities.

Learn how your company can:

  • Prepare for mandatory ESG regulations and complex voluntary frameworks
  • Craft an action plan for ensuring accurate and timely reports
  • Leverage technology to satisfy stakeholder demands and improve your bottom line
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