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Audit committee engaged in a discussion about the expectations and responsibilities of the Chief Audit Executive (CAE).

Today’s corporate environment is exceptionally challenging and presents new critical issues for boards than in the recent past.

A jubilant risk team stands against a lush green wall, celebrating their success in capturing the board's attention on cyber issues.

Discover how to get your organization’s attention on cyber issues. Read more about risk prioritization and effective metrics.

Two auditors engaged in a sit-down conversation, discussing strategies for maximizing efficiency through modernized audits.

Modern audit practices are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses and their customers.

A focused risk manager at her office desk, engrossed in a phone call as she creates a business case for GRC technology.

Recognizing the need for dedicated software to boost business is just the initial step in embracing GRC technology for your organization.

An auditor engrossed in her computer, surrounded by analytics and metrics, empowered by insights from 'Using Tech-Aware Audit Function to Ensure Compliance and Accuracy.

How do companies build a more agile, tech-aware audit function? What new audit technologies are necessary?

A cohesive risk team engaged in discussion, deliberating on the necessity of a Third-Party Risk Management Audit Program for their business.
As organizations increasingly rely on third parties to deliver elements of their service, third-party risk increases. As a result, it becomes increasingly important to know that your third-party risk management is effective. But how can you measure this? The answer: implement a...
A contented CAE, brimming with satisfaction after reading the blog '4 Ways Chief Audit Executives Can Turn Internal Audit into a Business Leader'.

A CAE can elevate the reputation of internal audit within their organization through clear expectations, communication and vision.

An IT risk manager stands outside the corporate offices, vigilantly overseeing the digital domain.

IT Risk Management Master Class Toolkit provides guidance that security professionals can use to develop an effective risk management program

Business woman working on her computer

The Kenyan government has long been committed to digital transformation and has devised various initiatives to digitize its services.

Screenshot of Diligent's software showcasing comprehensive third party risk management metrics and insights.

Enhance your TPRM program with effective third-party risk management metrics. Measure risks and success for better cybersecurity.

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