Adopt enterprise risk management to manage risks and achieve strategic objectives proactively.

Achieve optimal performance, accelerate growth, and monitor risks effectively across your organization with the help of comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM). ERM software continuously evolves alongside the business, easily identifying, monitoring, and managing risks with ease. By continuously improving compliance and elevating confidence, risk management becomes a strategic advantage.


Provide actionable insights

Pull risk data from across your organization and share it through customizable storyboards and one-click reports. Provide your C-suite with the real-time insights they value most.


    Shift from reactive to proactive

    Use advanced analytics to identify risk patterns and predict threats. Automate monitoring to reveal unaddressed discrepancies and anomalies in your data without expanding headcount.


    Customize your enterprise risk management program

    Curate your risk and control libraries to centralize key industry-specific information. Save time, increase collaboration and coverage, and unearth new vulnerabilities and opportunities.

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    Discover the key features and benefits of our ERM solution in this comprehensive product sheet.

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    Screenshot displaying Diligent software's Enterprise Risk Management interface.

    Enterprise Risk Management

    Accelerate performance with a comprehensive and strategic enterprise risk management (ERM) program.

    Screenshot of Diligent's software showcasing comprehensive third party risk management metrics and insights.

    Third-Party Risk Management

    Assess, manage and remediate third-party and vendor risk in one unified, scalable program.

    Screenshot of Diligent software showcasing integrated control technology on a laptop screen

    Integrated Risk Management

    Identify, assess and remediate risk in a comprehensive platform that provides visibility across the organization.

    Screenshot displaying Diligent software's IT Risk Management interface.

    IT Risk Management

    Stay ahead of emerging cyber risks, prevent breaches and empower executives to make informed risk decisions.

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