Turn internal audit into a strategic guide

Enable automated continuous monitoring and surface insights to anticipate risk, stay ahead of stakeholder expectations and build resilience.

Laptop screen showcasing the audit and analytics application of Diligent software

Future-proof your organization

Anticipate risk and identify opportunities to give your management and the board forward-looking insights to make confident strategic decisions.

Deploy assurance at scale

Connect audit with other business units to gain more comprehensive visibility and control across your organization.


Deliver strategic advantages

Make proactive risk management a competitive advantage with automated reporting and analytics-powered assurance ratings of key risk and mitigating controls.

Increase efficiency and minimize costs

Do more with less through a platform that reduces audit time by 50%, allowing you to increase the number of audits by up to 33% without increasing headcount.


Audit Management

Stay ahead of emerging risks and provide the board and C-suite strategic audit insights with a FedRAMP-certified audit solution.

Laptop screen shot showcasing the audit management capabilities of diligent software
laptop screen showcasing the internal controls feature of diligent software

Internal Controls Management

Strengthen internal controls to support compliance and drive efficiency with a highly automated monitoring and reporting solution.

ACL Analytics & Continuous Monitoring

Deliver real-time audit insights without increasing headcount with the #1 audit analytics and continuous monitoring solution.

Laptop showcasing the ACL analytics feature of Diligent software
Laptop showcasing the audit feature for governments available on the Diligent one platform

Audit Management for Federal Government

Leverage embedded analytics and automation to drive audit performance with the only FedRAMP & IL5 certified solution for comprehensive audit management.

Audit Management for Government and Education

Protect organizational performance and deliver transparent reporting to drive public trust with a data-driven audit solution purpose-built for government and education.

laptop showcasing the audit management feature for education and government as part of the Diligent software solution

Looking for more reasons to choose Diligent?

Discover why the Diligent One Platform is the only unified solution designed to centralize and unify all your board management and GRC activities.

Download and explore our range of brochures to help you make the right decision on GRC software.

Modern Solutions for Modern Organizations

Screenshot of Modern Governance software by Diligent displaying a user-friendly interface for efficient governance management.

Modern Governance

Digitize board materials, secure sensitive data, easily manage entities and design strategic compensation plans.

Screenshot of the Diligent platform displaying the GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) functionality.

Modern Risk

Integrate risk management activities in a single platform. Eliminate errors, save time and save costs.

Screenshot displaying Diligent software featuring the ACL analytics feature

Modern Audit

Drive efficiency across audit workflows with built-in best practices, time-saving automation and enhanced reporting.

Illustration of the "Ensure Compliance" feature within Diligent software

Modern Compliance

Create a culture of ethics, ensure regulatory compliance and get real-time oversight into compliance programs.

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