Manage vendor and partner risk with a risk-based approach to third parties

Safeguard your company and its reputation with an unwavering third-party program that provides credible and defensible support. Ensures your organisation is always up-to-date with potential anti-bribery and anti-corruption risks to swiftly evaluate, supervise, and reduce the risk presented by a growing number of third parties. From onboarding, assessment, and remediation to performance monitoring and continuous review, manage the entire process and stay compliant.

Effectively screen new partners

Save time using AI-driven monitoring systems that watch for negative news, watchlist placements, sanctions and politically exposed persons.

Streamline the third-party lifecycle

Keep third-party data secure and trackable with robust auditing. Handle approvals with advanced workflows and drive efficiencies.

Strengthen Your ABAC Program

Leverage advanced analytics to track and analyze the health of your ABAC program. Respond to trends proactively instead of chasing them.

Conduct exceptional due diligence

Adopt a risk-based approach that draws from both human research and AI-driven screening. Get the full picture by tracking risk as it evolves.

Develop and distribute

Train Your Third Parties

Develop and distribute third-party training directly through Diligent’s integrated third-party training module. Track progress in a SCORM/eLearning format.

Eliminate duplicate processes

Manage multiple engagement types

Tailor assessments and workflows to specific types of third-party engagement. Eliminate duplicate processes and aggregate risk scores that gloss over important information.

Improved decision-making

Third party insight

Business intelligence that provides actionable insights, increases visibility, and helps drive process improvements for your compliance team.

Looking for more reasons to choose Diligent?

Discover the key features and benefits of our Third-Party Risk Management solution in this comprehensive product sheet.

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