Elevate partner transparency

Embrace an approach to third parties that evolves alongside your organization’s needs and a changing regulatory landscape. Systematize monitoring and compliance processes with workflows that work.

Screenshot displaying Diligent software featuring the Elevate Partner Transparency feature

AI-powered monitoring

Stay on top of negative news, watchlists, sanctions and politically exposed persons with a screening and monitoring tool that leverages the power of AI.

Screenshot displaying Diligent software featuring the AI-powered monitoring feature

Configurable workflows

Build advanced workflows for approval management that allow you to track and set notifications.

Better risk-based due diligence

Seamlessly generate and share robust due diligence reports that audit and track risk associated with third-party relationships.

Screenshot displaying Diligent software featuring the Better Risk-Based Due Diligence feature
Screenshot displaying Diligent software featuring the Real-Time Insights feature

Real-time insights

Track the health of your compliance program with advanced analytics that deliver actionable data. Analyze key metrics related to risk level, approval status and more

Build resilience with scalable Third-Party Risk Management

Talk to one of our experts and find out how our proactive approach to risk management can work for you

Related risk solutions

Screenshot displaying Diligent software's Enterprise Risk Management interface.

Enterprise Risk Management

Accelerate performance with a comprehensive and strategic enterprise risk management (ERM) program.

Screenshot of Diligent's software showcasing comprehensive third party risk management metrics and insights.

Third-Party Risk Management

Assess, manage and remediate third-party and vendor risk in one unified, scalable program.

Screenshot of Diligent software showcasing integrated control technology on a laptop screen

Integrated Risk Management

Identify, assess and remediate risk in a comprehensive platform that provides visibility across the organization.

Screenshot displaying Diligent software's IT Risk Management interface.

IT Risk Management

Stay ahead of emerging cyber risks, prevent breaches and empower executives to make informed risk decisions.

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