Elevate IT risk management by focusing on resilience.

Address IT Risk, Compliance, and Vendor Management with an automated solution. Stay ahead of cyber risk, protect against breaches, maintain certifications, and make informed risk decisions for government and education organizations.

Visualization of the "Elevate IT Risk Management by Focusing on Resilience" feature within Diligent software

Reduce your IT & cyber risk

Protect against costly data breaches, penalties and reputational damage with an efficient IT Risk Management tool for Government and Education organizations. Stay ahead of cyber risks and make informed risk decisions.

Supercharge your IT compliance

Modernize your IT Compliance program and gain executive visibility with a centralized solution that improves your security posture, helps maintain certifications, reduces the risk of costly data breaches, and builds trust with the public.

Track and remediate third-party risk

Efficiently perform end-to-end third-party risk management including vendor onboarding, assessment, remediation, performance monitoring, and ongoing reviews with consistent, compliant and secure automated processes.


Complex risk insightswith new simplicity

Deliver valuable insights into your organization’s IT risk posture, threats, and cybersecurity benchmarking data with reports that can be configured to deliver contextualized data.

Mitigate the costs of IT risk for government and education

Accelerate IT risk and security compliance through automated workflows. Enjoy swift time-to-value with preconfigured risk management processes built on industry best practices. Say goodbye to manual tasks, using automation and data analytics, saving time and resources and ultimately minimizing the risk of data breaches and system downtime.

    Visual representation of the "Make Informed, Data-Driven Decisions for Government and Education" feature in Diligent software
    Visualization of the "Centralize IT Compliance into a Single Source of Truth for Government and Education" feature within Diligent software

    Centralize IT compliance into a single source of truth for government and education

    Enhance your security compliance program with centralized automation, enabling efficiency, scalability, and executive visibility. Meet organization-specific frameworks like NIST 800-53 FedRAMP, NIST-800-171, and more. Simplify and optimize your IT compliance journey for seamless operations and peace of mind.

    Make informed, data driven decisions for government and education

    Effortlessly assess IT risks, including vendors, alongside your security compliance program. Prioritize areas of concern to prevent costly security breaches and non-compliance penalties. Utilize configurable reporting to equip leadership with vital insights to make data-informed business decisions. Strengthen your risk management strategy and ensure a secure and compliant IT environment.

    Visualization of the "Make Informed, Data-Driven Decisions for Government and Education" feature within Diligent software

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    Screenshot displaying Diligent software's Enterprise Risk Management interface.

    Enterprise Risk Management

    Accelerate performance with a comprehensive and strategic enterprise risk management (ERM) program.

    Screenshot of Diligent's software showcasing comprehensive third party risk management metrics and insights.

    Third-Party Risk Management

    Assess, manage and remediate third-party and vendor risk in one unified, scalable program.

    Screenshot of Diligent software showcasing integrated control technology on a laptop screen

    Integrated Risk Management

    Identify, assess and remediate risk in a comprehensive platform that provides visibility across the organization.

    Screenshot displaying Diligent software's IT Risk Management interface.

    IT Risk Management

    Stay ahead of emerging cyber risks, prevent breaches and empower executives to make informed risk decisions.

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