Unlock the future of public sector governance

Increase transparency, streamline internal processes and empower your organization to shape a better future. It’s all possible with Diligent Community.

Visualization of the "Unlock the Future of Public Sector Governance" feature within Diligent software

Manage the entire policy lifecycle

From creation to adoption, Policy Publisher for Diligent Community empowers you to streamline the flow of policies through each stage of your district’s processes with ease and efficiency.

Visualization of the "Manage the Entire Policy Lifecycle" feature within Diligent software
Visual representation of the "Seamless Agenda Management" feature within Diligent software

Seamless agenda management

Save time, stay organized and drive impactful decisions. Diligent Community helps effortlessly create, manage and distribute agendas so you can focus on the big picture.

Improved transparency

Cultivate better engagement from your community with a dedicated public website. Demonstrate your commitment to transparency with easy access to meeting documents, policies and live-streaming.

Visualization of the "Improved Transparency" feature within Diligent software
Visualization of the "Future-Proof Governance" feature within Diligent software

Future-proof governance

Shape your organization’s future while remaining true to your mission. Empower board administrators with cutting-edge governance tools that help you stay ahead.

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