Due diligence purpose-built for the digital age

Our solution offers access to database queries for screening against known watch lists, search tools to monitor for media-based risks, desktop research capabilities in local languages to identify direct and circumstantial red flags, and “boots-on-the-ground” investigational capabilities to gather local intelligence.

Screenshot displaying the Diligent software's "Due diligence purpose-built for the digital age" feature

Analyst-driven intelligence

Build comprehensive reports using in-depth research and expert analysis. Evaluate risks concerning beneficial ownership, anti-bribery/anti-corruption, ESG and more with insights from 300+ global analysts.

Screenshot displaying the "Stronger Due Diligence" feature within the Diligent software
Screenshot displaying the "Analyst-driven Intelligence" feature in the Diligent software

Stronger due diligence

Stay compliant with enhanced due diligence that includes local investigations and access to criminal, financial and ownership records. Verify everything with site assessments.

Conduct comprehensive investigations

Make sure you know the history, reputation and risks associated with organizations or individuals before conducting key transactions. Perform defined-scope investigations that cover the full breadth of due diligence concerns, including beneficial ownership, ESG, In-Country China, BIS and M&A.

Screenshot displaying the "Conduct Comprehensive Investigations" feature in the Diligent software
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