Simplify monitoring, measuring and reporting on ESG

Centralize ESG and sustainability programs — and show how these initiatives support essential business outcomes while meeting regulatory obligations.

Screenshot of the diligent software showcasing the monitoring and measuring on ESG functionality

Turn ESG goals into measurable outcomes

Tell your ESG story with compelling data that shows key stakeholders — and regulators — your ESG initiatives are more than just promises.

Centralize a growing ecosystem of ESG data

Leverage a single platform to collect, collaborate, and measure ESG data from across your organization — and produce the reports you need instantly.

Build a scalable ESG practice

Elevate your ESG practice without increasing headcount by leveraging a team of on-demand ESG subject matter experts.

Increase efficiency and minimize costs

Save up to 27% of total ESG net costs by reducing audit spend by 50% with automation that saves hundreds of hours of work each year.

Carbon Accounting

Automatically collate relevant data and generate more than 80 pre-configured audit-ready reports to bring consistency and confidence to sustainability reporting.

screenshot of the Diligent software showcasing the carbon accounting feature
screenshot of the Diligent software showcasing the board diversity feature

Board Diversity

Build a better board with purpose-built tools to analyze and enhance the diversity of experiences, skill sets and expertise across your board.

Get started on your ESG journey with Diligent today.

Modern Solutions for Modern Organizations

Screenshot of Modern Governance software by Diligent displaying a user-friendly interface for efficient governance management.

Modern Governance

Digitize board materials, secure sensitive data, easily manage entities and design strategic compensation plans.

Screenshot of the Diligent platform displaying the GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) functionality.

Modern Risk

Integrate risk management activities in a single platform. Eliminate errors, save time and save costs.

Screenshot displaying Diligent software featuring the ACL analytics feature

Modern Audit

Drive efficiency across audit workflows with built-in best practices, time-saving automation and enhanced reporting.

Illustration of the "Ensure Compliance" feature within Diligent software

Modern Compliance

Create a culture of ethics, ensure regulatory compliance and get real-time oversight into compliance programs.

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