Stay secure with IT Risk Management Solutions. Protect your digital assets and keep them safe with IT Risk Management.

To prevent costly data breaches, penalties, and reputational damage, it’s crucial to use proactive tools to identify, assess, and remediate cyber risks. Automating your cybersecurity program can provide actionable insights to the C-suite and board, enabling informed risk decisions. A unified IT Risk Management platform can help you stay ahead of emerging cyber risks and reduce the risk of incidents such as data breaches.

Screenshot of Diligent software displaying the IT risk management platform interface.

Mitigate cyber risk

Improve your cybersecurity effectiveness by shifting from a reactive risk program to a proactive, forward-thinking approach.

Deliver real-time visibility

Boards and senior leaders need a deeper understanding of your IT risk posture. Give them the actionable insights they need.

Reduce risk management costs

Save money by automating repetitive manual tasks and streamlining data analytics. Free your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Clarify your risk posture

Cybercriminals prey on gaps in your security. Close those gaps and unify your program with one unified platform.

Guard against hackers

Anticipate & mitigate threats

Hackers continually invest in new technologies and methodologies. Our platform empowers you to guard against current and evolving hacker strategies. Our solution also integrates with existing tools and enhances their effectiveness.

    Screenshot of Diligent software displaying the 'Anticipate & Mitigate Threats' features.
    Screenshot of Diligent software highlighting the 'C-suite and Board Visibility' features.

    Provide executive visibility

    C-suite and board visibility

    Cybersecurity and operational resilience are core boardroom topics now. Give leaders the visibility they expect — and wow them with insights that broaden their knowledge. Also, equip your security teams with intuitive dashboards for predictive, preventive and responsive strategies.

    Use prebuilt workflows

    Save money, reduce risk

    Don’t waste time or money building homegrown IT risk workflows. Our prebuilt IT risk workflows reflect best practices from thousands of engagements. Let your team focus on the strategies to reduce risk and cost.


    Screenshot of Diligent software highlighting the 'Save Money, Reduce Risk' features.

    Looking for more reasons to choose Diligent?

    Discover the key features and benefits of our IT Risk Management solution in this comprehensive product sheet.

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    Screenshot displaying Diligent software's Enterprise Risk Management interface.

    Enterprise Risk Management

    Accelerate performance with a comprehensive and strategic enterprise risk management (ERM) program.

    Screenshot of Diligent's software showcasing comprehensive third party risk management metrics and insights.

    Third-Party Risk Management

    Assess, manage and remediate third-party and vendor risk in one unified, scalable program.

    Screenshot of Diligent software showcasing integrated control technology on a laptop screen

    Integrated Risk Management

    Identify, assess and remediate risk in a comprehensive platform that provides visibility across the organization.

    Screenshot displaying Diligent software's IT Risk Management interface.

    IT Risk Management

    Stay ahead of emerging cyber risks, prevent breaches and empower executives to make informed risk decisions.

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