Deliver value with audit management software that is driven by data

Ensure that your organization stays ahead of emerging risks by providing the board and C-suite with clear visibility and strategic insights. Deliver maximum value with your audits by using automated workflows to derive the most value from your audits in the shortest time. By reducing manual tasks and helping your team manage the entire audit lifecycle, you can streamline the audit process and achieve greater efficiency.

Why Diligent Audit Management Software is different

Conduct and complete more audits in less time, streamlining repetitive tasks

Maintain a centralized library of completed audits and documentation

Deliver assurance with ongoing, automated testing

Achieve real-time visibility of your audit strategy and progress

Screenshot of Diligent Audit Management Software - Purpose-Built Reporting Tools


Purpose-built reporting tools

Generate detailed insights on your audit progress with built-in reporting options that align with your business. Word, PowerPoint, customizable dashboards – chose the format that connects with your stakeholders


Advanced audit analytics

Aggregate, clean and normalize your data with Diligent ACL Analytics. Run the analysis, provide results and generate digestible visual reports – all in one place.

Screenshot of Diligent Audit Management Software - Visual Reports
Screenshot of Diligent Audit Management Software - Centralized Audit Assurance


Centralized audit assurance

Create real-time visibility across all audits by consolidating key assurance functions and maintaining an audit history. Communicate more effectively and make more informed decisions.

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