Review, create, deploy: A better approach to corporate policy

Take control of your policy program and adapt to changing regulations. Work with the confidence of knowing your policies are always up to date.

Diligent software interface showcasing "Review, create, deploy - A better approach to corporate policy" feature

Customizable workflows

Itemize and track key policies with a 100% configurable revision and approval workflow engine. Keep documents prepared for audits and provide a seamless, transparent process.

Diligent software interface displaying the Customizable Workflows feature
Diligent software interface displaying the Policy Attestation feature

Policy attestation

Send automated policy updates to target audiences, test policy comprehension and receive attestation that policies are universally understood.

Access management

Manage your user capabilities efficiently and ensure the right people have access to the right information at the right time. Streamline communications and effectively convey policies, along with other important information.

Diligent software interface displaying the Access Management feature
Diligent software interface displaying the Advanced Analytics feature

Advanced analytics

Keep data reportable and readily available via interactive, digestible visualizations. Unlock real-time insights and capitalize on the flexibility of customizable reports.

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