Demonstrate compliance, avoid regulatory fines and anticipate risk

Navigate a changing regulatory landscape with centralized compliance management. Leverage a single source of truth to maintain your obligations.

Demonstrate compliance

Streamline Regulation Management

The Diligent regulation library allows you to easily incorporate the latest regulatory content into your control framework.

Automate Monitoring, Save Time

Use our suite of automated tools to ensure your monitoring efforts identify potential non-compliance in a timely manner.


Centralize Regulatory Controls

Ditch the inefficiencies. Create a single source of truth that strengthens your compliance program.

Stay ahead of risk

Reduce your risk exposure by providing clear oversight to management and the board. Use built-in reporting to demonstrate compliance to regulators.


Manage complex new requirements

Navigate regulatory changes and ensure a high level of control with automated updates. Work confidently knowing that design, testing and communication processes are always in place.

Manage complex new requirements 1
Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs with automation

Remove the need for costly third-party resources by automating manual processes, such as status reports, duplicative control tests and regulatory monitoring.

Coordinate and standardize compliance

Capture activities from every part of your organization in a single place. Keep an accurate, data-driven portrait of your compliance status ready at all times.

Demonstrate compliance

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