A Chief Audit Executive’s Checklist For Getting Boardroom-Ready

As more financial and compliance activities call for increased oversight from audit committees, countless other disclosures demand rigorous scrutiny. 

How far should such disclosures go beyond what’s mandated? Will claims of sustainable products and services stand up against any allegations of greenwashing? Will assertions of fair workplace policies or cybersecure network systems pass muster in an environment of increasing risk?

These are the questions that audit committees must be equipped to answer at a moment’s notice, both inside and outside of board meetings. As the committee’s purview expands, so too does the responsibility of the chief audit executive (CAE) to serve as the committee’s eyes and ears.

This checklist explores five tactics CAEs can use to make their boardroom presentations more effective, allowing them to maximize their leadership potential and navigate the shift from functional department head to strategic executive adviser.

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