Revitalising Access Control Programs

Access control, a critical component of IT security compliance programs, ensures that organisations protect confidential information, like intellectual property and customer data. But your access management program can easily become outdated and static—especially if you manually conduct user access administration tasks and control testing.

By using new technology, such as robotics and process automation (RPA), you can tackle some of the common challenges associated with access control programs. RPA works 24/7, reduces human error, and saves employees from manual, repetitive tasks. RPA might be the key to advancing your access control program.

Download this white paper for insights on how you can reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the effectiveness of your access control program with RPA. You will also discover:

  • The key characteristics and requirements of an effective access control program
  • Opportunities for change to vastly improve the design and implementation of access control programs
  • Practical steps you can take to see value from advanced analytics in risk management, compliance, and continuous monitoring programs.
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