Kenyan Government Digitisation Drive Prompts State Corporates to Adopt Electronic Board Solutions

The Kenyan government has long been committed to digital transformation and has devised various initiatives to digitize its services. The country’s Vision 2030 aims to make Kenya a digital hub and increase the country’s technology capabilities. The government has also introduced several policies to encourage the adoption of technology in public and private organizations. To improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase transparency, the Kenyan government is pushing towards a paperless government, with state-owned corporations being urged to adopt electronic board solutions to streamline their governance process. 

The benefits of a paperless government are clear. By digitizing records, the government can reduce the time and resources needed for paperwork, eliminate the risk of losing or damaging physical records, and make it easier to access and share information. Additionally, a paperless government can reduce the risk of corruption, as digital records are easier to monitor and audit. 

Electronic board solutions are a crucial aspect of this digitization strategy. They enable board members to conduct meetings and manage governance activities efficiently, securely, and in real time. Making collaboration and decision-making of members easier. 

BoardEffect, is the ideal solution for state-owned corporations transitioning to digital governance. The software is designed to provide a comprehensive platform for board members to seamlessly manage their meetings, documents, communications, and other governance activities. The user-friendly interface ensures that members are able to quickly become comfortable with the tools and benefit from the features and functionality.

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